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Computer Support Services

We know that rural communities have unique IT challenges. If you need IT support at Home, or in the Shop, Farm, Small-Medium-sized business; we are here to help! We can support just about any type of device! $50/hour; 30 day guarantee.

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Desktop and Laptop Repair

We provide support for all major brands of Laptop & Desktop hardware. Our Technicians will use various diagnostic tools to identify and resolve the root cause to prevent future downtime! All Computer repairs include dust removal and available updates!

Service Rate
Custom Length Cat6a cable $2/foot
Standard Hourly Rate $50
Business Hourly Rate $80
Virus Removal $100
Laptop Screen Replacement $165*

Laptop Screen Replacements start at $165. This price may increase if the replacement hardware is greater than $165.

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Custom Built Desktop Services

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to build a brand new PC or you just need an extra hand with your upgrade; We are here to help! Our Denver family provides us access to a MicroCenter location. Often parts are cheaper in-store versus online. We pass these saving on to you!

Service Fixed Cost
Consultation Free
Hardware Upgrade $50/Hour
Air-Cooled Full-Build $160
Water AIO Full-Build $200

Warranty Disclaimer: Full-Build computers are backed by a 1-Year warranty. Guaranteed to be free of hardware and assembly defects.

Nikon Camera Services

We enjoy photography as well! That is why we offer services to help maintain your Nikon camera. Whether you have a DSLR D-series or a Mirrorless Z-series we help keep each picture as sharp as the first! All Nikon Camera Services are completed same-day!

Service Fixed Cost
Firmware Update $35
Cropped Sensor Cleaning $40
Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning $60

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Repair Process

  1. Drop-Off / Free Consultation: We visually inspect your computer for damage, talk to you about your experience, and perform basic troubleshooting.
  2. Troubleshooting Desk: Device undergoes a full software/hardware diagnostics workflow to ensure we identify and resolve the root cause.
  3. Repair: The identified root cause is resolved and cleanup work will be performed.
  4. Return to Customer: Device is removed from inventory, payment is processed, and receipt is given.

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