6 Software Tools for IT Techs in 2024

Hello Everyone! Below you will find a list of BlueBotPC Technicians favorite software for providing Technical Support.

1. Ninite

Ninite is one of my favorites! You can use this tool to download, install, and update a full suite of user-picked software without annoying pop-ups or needing to accept multiple terms of service. Great for staying up to date and avoiding potentially unwanted software.

2. MobaXterm

MobaXterm is an SSH Terminal emulator targeted to Networking Professionals. It’s like you PuTTY but also bundled with NMAP, RDP, VNC, WinSCP, and more! The Professional copy does require a yearly subscription but power users will be able to take advantage of the extra features such as Multi-EXEC.

  • PuTTYGen
  • FTP, SFTP, & SCP Support
  • Port Scanner ability
  • Zenmap syle network scanner

3. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is currently our preferred Remote Desktop support client. TeamViewer is another viable option. However I have found that AnyDesk is a bit more flexible. In our experience TeamViewer installed versions must match while AnyDesk has some flexibility.


RUFUS is our go to bootable USB creation tool. It has a wide range of support for burning ISOs. It’s known to be stable and trusted to BlueBotPC.

5. WinRAR

WinRAR is a great tool to zip, unzip, and encrypt files. You could use something like 7-Zip, but I trust and have paid to use WinRAR. This is another software that can be installed and updated with Ninite!

6. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is like KeePass 2 or KeePassXC. However it is Cloud Hosted on Microsoft Azure and they offer the ability to self-host. I also love that I can use it to securely send and share passwords that can auto-destruct!


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2023 Holiday Hours

The BlueBotPC Family will be going on vacation! We wish you and your family a happy holiday season and we cannot wait to come back for the new year!

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Hello World

Hello world! Welcome to the very first BlueBotPC blog post! Today, we are open for business and licensed in the State of Colorado!

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